Healthy Lunches

There is always lots of news at this time of the  year with regard to being healthy. Just today I heard that a new study has shown that a 20 minute walk each day can help you stay healthy and contribute to a long life. While the new hot lunches have been very well received lots of children bring a packed lunch to school each day. I did mention on the newsletter last week that I have seen some pretty unhealthy choices and certainly not the kinds of things that will help with the children’s learning in the afternoon. However, I know as a parent that putting together a packed lunch can be hard, in particular avoiding making it boring by having much the same thing every day.

Therefore I am asking you to give me your ideas for healthy lunch box items that can then be shared with everyone. Please let me know, by leaving a reply on the blog (both children and adults) if you have some good ideas for school lunch boxes. I look forward to reading them.

Mr Alford

The Glebe Way

I would really like to make up some boards to go around our new school with our school expectations on them. They would be a little like school rules but rather than lots of do nots (eg do not run in the corridors) I want them to be all based on what we want everyone to do. For example ‘Always arrive at school on time and be ready to work hard’ or ‘I am proud of my work and my achievements in school’.

I am sure you will have lots of great ideas to help ensure that everyone achieves the most they possibly can, when they come to Glebe.

I would like to have 10 good sentences which sum up what Glebe is all about and what we expect from everyone. You don’t have to do all 10, a few from each class will be fine.

Please blog your replies to me and I will put a top 10 together to make up some boards to be placed around the school.

Thanks for your help.

Mr Alford

More from Lord’s

The children had a great time playing on the hallowed turf. They were getting cheered on enthusiastically by members of the crowd. We had a good spot with the famous pavilion as a backdrop. All did well and had a great time. We have seen a few England wickets too – India are 123-5 image

Our day at Lord’s

Arrived here nice and early so we were able to see some of the players warming up. Sam Robson, who is England’s opening batsman came to say hello and signed some autographs. We are sitting by the media centre so we saw lots if ex players heading up to the commentary box (none seemed to have time to sign autographs) but we did see close up Andrew Strauss, Shane Warne, Michael Atherton, Graham Swann, Ian Botham, David Gower.

Have got some good seats and had a great view of England taking a wicket (India are 11-1).image

The New Building

We have now been in the new building for two weeks. I think we are all having to find our feet a little (and our way around). However I would love to know what you all think. I know there are a plenty of things that need doing and hopefully these will be resolved over the holidays.

Please let me know your thoughts including any suggestions for the future.


Mr Alford

Should some books just be for boys or girls?

I read this article during the week.

It made wonder whether we should avoid saying a particular book is for boys or girls. What do you think? Do you sometimes choose a book because it is aimed at boys or girls (for example I have seen labels on books saying things like ‘boy friendly’).

Would you avoid a book if you thought it was too girly or boyish?

Please let me know what you think. 1 house point for each comment and I promise to reply to them all (remember to only put your first name on replies – no surname).

Mr Alford

We Day – my best bit

Azlina – The best thing was listening to the inspiring people. Also listening to the wonderful singers: Ellie Goulding and dizzy rascal!

Navampreet- the best part of we day has to be the performance of Ellie Goulding and Dizzy Rascal. It was a spectacular performance!

Elllanor-my favourite part was Ellie Goulding and Molly Burke she was very inspirational. It was an amazing atmosphere,I would definitely do it again.

Benita- my favourite part was Dizzy Rascal, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Hudson and Gary Nevolve it’s been a really good day I would recommend this day so much!


i enjoyed Dizzie rascal and Ellie golding’s performance and I loved seeing diversity

And now we are back at Ickenham!

More updates from We Day

Today was fantastic, we made our way to Wembley arena by train. As we walked into the arena, we where blasted away with heart thumping music! Suddenly the lights went off and our light bands lit up the arena majestically, next we where given a series of heartwarming inspirational talks, by sir Richard Branson, prince Harry, founders of free the children, ex Vice President of the USA finally the most inspirational Malala ; surviving a shot to the head! We also saw amazing dance and singing performances from the well known Ellie Golding, diversity, dizzie rasskle and Jennifer hudson. The most heartwarming performance was Spencer West showing us that nothing is impossible. Thank you Mr Alford for taking us to the first ever UK we day, we loved it!            By Alex and Reece Year 6

photos of Malala and Prince Harry


We Day Update

We Day so far is amazing !!!

We’ve seen Diversity, Al Gore (use to be Vice President the USA) Sir Richard Branson and Sam and the Womp and finally Spencer West.

I can’t wait to tell you what happens later!

Jake, Daniel and Archie