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Kindness Advent Calendar

As we enter the final few weeks before Christmas many of us will be opening our advent calendars each morning and having a chocolate. On the school newsletter this week was another sort of advent calendar which challenges us all to be kind to others at this time of year. Maybe you can have a look and see if there are any acts of kindness you may wish to perform between now and Christmas. They may be on the kindness advent calendar or ones you have thought up yourself. Either way, do let me know by leaving a message on my blog. Here is the link to the kindness advent calendar. file:///C:/Users/nalford/Downloads/Kindness-Advent-Calendar-2016-PDF.pdf

Mr Alford

My Two Days Off School

Dear Children,

I hope you have enjoyed the two days you’ve had off school this week. I am really interested to know what you have been up to. Perhaps you have been away somewhere? Maybe you have been out for a day trip? You might have been doing some interesting things at home? Whatever it may be, please do let me know by leaving a post on my blog.

Thank you and I will see you back in school on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Alford

Euro 2016 Questions

Well 50 years of hurt will now be at least 52 (and I suspect rather more) after England’s rather tame demise on Monday. There was a particular blow to the children of 1B who had them in the school Euro 16 competition. Those still standing are 5F (France), 4J (Wales), 6D (Germany), Morning Nursery (Iceland), Afternoon Nursery (Portugal), 3C (Italy) and 6D (Belgium). 4J, who had Poland, lost in the heart breaking way that England normally do (on penalties), last night. For those with a curious mind then here are a few questions to research this weekend (just about the eight teams which reached the quarter finals).

Which of the 8 is the largest country (in area) and which is the smallest?

Which has the biggest population and which has the smallest?

Which of the 8 countries are not in the EU?

Which of the countries has a flag with a cross in? Which has a tricolore design (3 bands) and which has a dragon?

Can you find one interesting fact about each country (that people may not know)?

Who will be the eventual winners?

Let me know the answers by leaving a message here.


Mr Alford

Half Term Quiz

Here are the answers to the recent quiz. Well done to all those who answered and to Sian in Y3 and Sam in Y4 who were the overall winners.

1. What is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland?  Dublin
2. In which country are the 2016 Olympic Games going to take place? Brazil
3. Which is the most commonly spoken language in the world? Mandarin Chinese
4. Which city is named after the Greek goddess Athena? Athens
5. In which country would you find the ancient temple of Chichen Itza? Mexico
6. Which is the largest continent in the world? Asia
7. What is the tallest building in the world and where is it? Burj Khalifa in Dubai
8. What is the capital city of Australia? Canberra
9. What is the name of the wall that divides England and Scotland? Hadrian’s Wall
10. Which language is spoken in Brazil? Portuguese
11. Name 3 countries in the continent of Europe who are NOT part of the EU? Plenty including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the UK (soon????)
12. Which country has the oldest national flag? Denmark
13. Madagascar lies in which Ocean? Indian
14. What’s the distance (in miles) between Land’s End and John o’Groats? 847 by road or 603 direct
15. In which three French cities will England play their group games at Euro 16? Marseille, Lens and St Etienne
16. If you were in the city of Dar es Salaam which country would you be in? Tanzania
17. In which county is the town of Glastonbury? Somerset
18. Which explorer was the first to reach the South Pole? Which country were they from and in which year did they achieve this feat? Roald Amendsen from Norway on 14th December 1911
19. The giant panda is native to which country? China
20. In which Country would you find Mount Snowdon? Wales


What I’m Reading

The children have been having a great day celebrating World Book Day. So parents don’t feel left out you have the chance to share with the world what you are currently reading. It’s always interesting to see what other people like reading and it helps us appreciate that we all like different things. You may even be inspired to try something new. Please leave a post to let us know what you are reading at the moment (you can add a summary too if you want). It’s open to children and adults too.

To start things off here are a selection of staff choices:

Me – Red or Dead by David Peace (It’s a novel based on the story of the football manager Bill Shankly during his time at Liverpool FC)

Mrs Holding – Finger Licking Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

Miss Wands – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

Miss Bird – The Art of being Brilliant by Andy Cope

Miss McFadden – Beautiful by Katie Piper

Ms Emina – Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Mrs Long – Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

Mrs Blythe – My Beautiful Friend by Elena Ferrante

Mrs Guest – A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

Mrs Jayasekera – The Unmumsy Mum by The Unmumsy Mum (all about the joys of parenthood)

Miss Daniels – Me Before You by Jojo Moyse

Mrs Joyce – The Witness by Simon Kernick

Mrs Murray – A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Miss Facchin – Playing with Fire by Tess Gerritsen (one of her favourite authors. It’s a crime thriller and is very good so far and getting better with each page)

Mr Reed – Wolf on the Plains which is part of the Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden (it’s about the rise of Genghis Khan so historical fiction with some truths to it. The author used to be Mr Reed’s form tutor and English teacher when he was at Haydon).

Mrs Smaggasgale – The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Mrs Sheldon – Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood (better than a biography says Mrs Sheldon. She has The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton waiting for her next on loan from a friend – Mrs S maybe?

Mrs Hart is reading two books Walking in the Himalayas by Levison Stone and Everything You Need You Have by Gerad Kite

Mrs Pione is reading The Visitor by Lee Child herself and The Demon Dentist by David Walliams (with her eldest son)

Mrs Hampshire – Funny Girl by Nick Hornby (one of my favourite authors too read Fever Pitch which is the best book ever about supporting a football team – even if it is Arsenal)

Mrs Marks – I have just finished a book by Boris Johnson about Winston Churchill. Those of you who have studied the Second Word War will know that he was Prime Minister and led our country through that very difficult time. This book first appealed to me because I had heard so much about what he did, I was interested to hear more about the man behind the legend, about his motivation and about where he got his strength from. It is clear that he made many mistakes through his life, but the central thread running through this book was that he was extremely brave. He wanted the best for the people of our country and did everything he could to protect their freedom. It is clear that he packed so much into his life and really lived it to the full- something that I personally admire. I think it is really important to read about the real lives of people through history . Without this man we would simply not be living in a free democracy. This book was written in very easy to read style and I would read a book by Boris Johnson again because it was also highly entertaining!​

Mrs Penney – I’m reading The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies at the moment. It is set in Ceylon in the 1920s and tells the story of a 19 year old English woman who leaves her family and moves to Ceylon having just married a wealthy widowed Tea tycoon. It is beautifully written and gives a really detailed look at life of rich ex-pats in Ceylon and the issues around cultural difference​s ​at the time.





Half Term Quiz

Hopefully you are now enjoying a well earned rest over half term. To keep your brain active I have set a 30 question quiz. See how many of the answers you know, and if you don’t know it then you have the chance to look it up. Quizzes are a great way of improving your general knowledge which really helps you in school.

Everyone who has a go at the quiz will earn five house points. The overall winner will get a book token prize. As well as the 30 questions you will also need to answer the tie-breaker question (should we get more than one person with the same number of correct answers). The person closest to the exact answer will win.

You need to upload your answers on this blog. Only I will be able to see your answers (they will be hidden to everyone else until I approve your post (when everyone can see it) which will be after half term). If you want to write out your answers on paper then you can do so but they must be handed to me at the start of school on the first day back after the holidays. This will be the closing time and date for the blog entries too.

If you are really keen you can set me a question too, as I love general knowledge and finding out new things.

You can work with others on your answers (like mum and dad) – hopefully it will be fun.

Good luck!

Glebe Quiz – Spring Half Term 2016


  1. What is the capital city of Belgium?


  1. Who is the England test cricket captain?


  1. For how many years did Queen Victoria reign for?


  1. Who painted the Mona Lisa?


  1. Who was the BBC’s Sport’s personality of the year 2015?


  1. According to the Office for National Statistics, what were the most popular names for babies born in England and Wales in 2014 (boy and girl)?


  1. Who wrote the Paddington Bear books?


  1. Who sang the 2014 hit song ‘Happy’?


  1. Which is the longest river in the world?


  1. How many legs do all insects have?


  1. How many days are there in August?


  1. Who surprisingly beat South Africa in the group stages of the Rugby World Cup 2015?


  1. In the Peppa Pig series, what is Peppa’s brother called?


  1. How many strings does a traditional violin have?


  1. What is the name of the Prime Minister?


  1. Who won Strictly Come Dancing 2015?


  1. In the Harry Potter series, what is the name of the headmaster of Harry’s school?


  1. In which town was William Shakespeare born and brought up in?


  1. In 2016, how many years will it be since England won the Football World Cup?


  1. Which scientist discovered the theory of gravity?


  1. Who was the first man in space?


  1. What do the initials of the car BMW stand for?


  1. What is the young of a kangaroo called?


  1. Who wrote the book ‘Great expectations’?


  1. In the book, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, how many different things did the caterpillar eat on Saturday?


  1. On which tree would a conker grow on?


  1. How long did the Hundred Year’s War last for?


  1. With which instrument would you associate Elton John?


  1. How many players are in a Basketball team?


  1. What are the first names of the 3 current Blue Peter presenters?

Tiebreaker Question

How many stairs are there (altogether) on the two staircases inside our school building (the one by the main entrance added to the one by nursery)?

Good luck!

Keeping Fit and Healthy

We all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy. This includes being careful with what we eat and doing lots of exercise. Please share your best tips – it may be healthy foods that you like to eat or things you do that keep you active. Hopefully we can share lots of good ideas.


Mr Alford

50 Things to do before you are 11 and 3/4

The National Trust have produced a list of 50 things they think children should do before they leave primary school. Here is the link to the list

I would love to know how many you have done. Have you completed more of them than your mums and dads? Maybe they spent more time doing these kinds of activities as there were no computer games (well certainly not like today) and other distractions when they were growing up? Which of these activities have you not done but would like to? Which was your favourite one? I think I have done about 45 (although my memory is going a bit!). I certainly haven’t done number 30 – hold a scary beast. Maybe you have? I look forward to reading about it.

World Book Day – What I am reading

Hopefully you enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. You all looked fantastic as did all of the staff who all made a huge effort! I would really like to know which book you are reading at the moment. All you need to do is just say the book and the author and if you like you can tell us what it is about and what you think so far. The challenge is to get 100 replies before next Friday. If we do then everyone will have some extra play. Below are a few I found out today – now let’s find out what you are reading!

Me – KP The Autobiography by Kevin Pietersen (all about his time playing cricket for England and generally not getting on with the other players)

Mrs Sheldon – A view from the bridge by Arthur Miller

Mrs Went – The Silkworm by JK Rowling

Mrs Crawford – The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude

Mrs Bannister – Strength in Strangers by Lauren Britton

Miss McNeilis – Closer than you think by Karen Rose

Miss Wands – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling

Mrs Hampshire - Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch

Mrs Roberts – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Miss Hobbs – Games of Thrones by George RR Martin

Mrs Glover – Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

Privilege Play

Here is ‘The Glebe Way’ and how it will be used to ensure children in KS2 keep their full 20 minutes of privilege play. Do read it carefully and make sure that you understand it. This does not cover everything but should give you a clear idea of what we expect.

The Glebe Way Possible Misdemeanours
  1. We can and we will always try our best in all that we do


  • Not making the best effort possible in class
  1. We can and we will wear our uniform with pride


Pupils deliberately not wearing their uniform or wearing appropriately
  1. We can and we will work together as a school community


  • Children deliberately spoiling a game
  • Children deliberately spoiling an activity
  • Children deliberately letting a class down by their behaviour eg on a trip
  1. We can and we will walk sensibly around the school
  • Running in the corridors
  • Being in when you should be out
  • Talking when told not to
  1. We can and we will always be polite and show our best behaviour


  • Rudeness to staff and other children
  • Showing a  lack of manners
  • This could be many things but, for example, being rough on the playground, inappropriate behaviour in class etc
  1. We can and we will take pride in our work and be proud of what we achieve.
  • Defacing books or work
  • Poorly presented work if no effort made
  1. We can and we will be friendly, respectful and caring to one another and our school
  • Children being unkind to each other
  • Damaging school equipment/resources
  • Causing damage to the building
  1. We can and we will listen and learn
  • Not listening in class or to instructions from an adult
  • Talking inappropriately eg in assembly
  1. We can and we will always be ready for lessons with a positive attitude and the correctequipment
  • Children deliberately not taking part in a lesson or making no effort to participate
  • Not having, for example, a pencil case in KS2
10. We can and we will be determined and never give up