Euro 2016 Questions

Well 50 years of hurt will now be at least 52 (and I suspect rather more) after England’s rather tame demise on Monday. There was a particular blow to the children of 1B who had them in the school Euro 16 competition. Those still standing are 5F (France), 4J (Wales), 6D (Germany), Morning Nursery (Iceland), Afternoon Nursery (Portugal), 3C (Italy) and 6D (Belgium). 4J, who had Poland, lost in the heart breaking way that England normally do (on penalties), last night. For those with a curious mind then here are a few questions to research this weekend (just about the eight teams which reached the quarter finals).

Which of the 8 is the largest country (in area) and which is the smallest?

Which has the biggest population and which has the smallest?

Which of the 8 countries are not in the EU?

Which of the countries has a flag with a cross in? Which has a tricolore design (3 bands) and which has a dragon?

Can you find one interesting fact about each country (that people may not know)?

Who will be the eventual winners?

Let me know the answers by leaving a message here.


Mr Alford

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