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The children have been having a great day celebrating World Book Day. So parents don’t feel left out you have the chance to share with the world what you are currently reading. It’s always interesting to see what other people like reading and it helps us appreciate that we all like different things. You may even be inspired to try something new. Please leave a post to let us know what you are reading at the moment (you can add a summary too if you want). It’s open to children and adults too.

To start things off here are a selection of staff choices:

Me – Red or Dead by David Peace (It’s a novel based on the story of the football manager Bill Shankly during his time at Liverpool FC)

Mrs Holding – Finger Licking Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

Miss Wands – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

Miss Bird – The Art of being Brilliant by Andy Cope

Miss McFadden – Beautiful by Katie Piper

Ms Emina – Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Mrs Long – Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

Mrs Blythe – My Beautiful Friend by Elena Ferrante

Mrs Guest – A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

Mrs Jayasekera – The Unmumsy Mum by The Unmumsy Mum (all about the joys of parenthood)

Miss Daniels – Me Before You by Jojo Moyse

Mrs Joyce – The Witness by Simon Kernick

Mrs Murray – A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Miss Facchin – Playing with Fire by Tess Gerritsen (one of her favourite authors. It’s a crime thriller and is very good so far and getting better with each page)

Mr Reed – Wolf on the Plains which is part of the Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden (it’s about the rise of Genghis Khan so historical fiction with some truths to it. The author used to be Mr Reed’s form tutor and English teacher when he was at Haydon).

Mrs Smaggasgale – The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Mrs Sheldon – Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood (better than a biography says Mrs Sheldon. She has The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton waiting for her next on loan from a friend – Mrs S maybe?

Mrs Hart is reading two books Walking in the Himalayas by Levison Stone and Everything You Need You Have by Gerad Kite

Mrs Pione is reading The Visitor by Lee Child herself and The Demon Dentist by David Walliams (with her eldest son)

Mrs Hampshire – Funny Girl by Nick Hornby (one of my favourite authors too read Fever Pitch which is the best book ever about supporting a football team – even if it is Arsenal)

Mrs Marks – I have just finished a book by Boris Johnson about Winston Churchill. Those of you who have studied the Second Word War will know that he was Prime Minister and led our country through that very difficult time. This book first appealed to me because I had heard so much about what he did, I was interested to hear more about the man behind the legend, about his motivation and about where he got his strength from. It is clear that he made many mistakes through his life, but the central thread running through this book was that he was extremely brave. He wanted the best for the people of our country and did everything he could to protect their freedom. It is clear that he packed so much into his life and really lived it to the full- something that I personally admire. I think it is really important to read about the real lives of people through history . Without this man we would simply not be living in a free democracy. This book was written in very easy to read style and I would read a book by Boris Johnson again because it was also highly entertaining!​

Mrs Penney – I’m reading The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies at the moment. It is set in Ceylon in the 1920s and tells the story of a 19 year old English woman who leaves her family and moves to Ceylon having just married a wealthy widowed Tea tycoon. It is beautifully written and gives a really detailed look at life of rich ex-pats in Ceylon and the issues around cultural difference​s ​at the time.





4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. Mr Alford Post author

    Thanks Tsana. I love that book too and remember reading it when I was a boy (a long time ago!!).

    Mr Alford

  2. Lou Dwyer

    I’m interested to see that Mrs Penney was reading The Tea Planter’s Wife as I bought it for a friend at Christmas (continuing a tradition of tea-related presents) but have not read it myself. I hope it was good!

    I have just finished Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale – everyone seems to love a bit of dystopia at the moment – which was rather thought-provoking. I have now moved on to The Danish Girl, refusing, as ever, to watch the film before reading the book.

    Our bedtime reading is More About Paddington and we look forward to each new muddle in which our favourite Peruvian mysteriously finds himself.


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