Privilege Play

Here is ‘The Glebe Way’ and how it will be used to ensure children in KS2 keep their full 20 minutes of privilege play. Do read it carefully and make sure that you understand it. This does not cover everything but should give you a clear idea of what we expect.

The Glebe Way Possible Misdemeanours
  1. We can and we will always try our best in all that we do


  • Not making the best effort possible in class
  1. We can and we will wear our uniform with pride


Pupils deliberately not wearing their uniform or wearing appropriately
  1. We can and we will work together as a school community


  • Children deliberately spoiling a game
  • Children deliberately spoiling an activity
  • Children deliberately letting a class down by their behaviour eg on a trip
  1. We can and we will walk sensibly around the school
  • Running in the corridors
  • Being in when you should be out
  • Talking when told not to
  1. We can and we will always be polite and show our best behaviour


  • Rudeness to staff and other children
  • Showing a  lack of manners
  • This could be many things but, for example, being rough on the playground, inappropriate behaviour in class etc
  1. We can and we will take pride in our work and be proud of what we achieve.
  • Defacing books or work
  • Poorly presented work if no effort made
  1. We can and we will be friendly, respectful and caring to one another and our school
  • Children being unkind to each other
  • Damaging school equipment/resources
  • Causing damage to the building
  1. We can and we will listen and learn
  • Not listening in class or to instructions from an adult
  • Talking inappropriately eg in assembly
  1. We can and we will always be ready for lessons with a positive attitude and the correctequipment
  • Children deliberately not taking part in a lesson or making no effort to participate
  • Not having, for example, a pencil case in KS2
10. We can and we will be determined and never give up

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    1. Mr Alford Post author

      How do you think it is going so far? Very few Y6 children seem to be losing their play.


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